So what's the big fuss with dairy? We're calling foul

Cat’s out of the bag – the dairy industry is wreaking havoc on our planet.

Animal agriculture is a main contributor to the climate crisis, with cows producing more greenhouse gas emissions than any other livestock. Dairy cattle farms alone are a significant carbon emitter with a large water footprint. With milk farms taking up almost 900 million acres of land in the US alone – dairy cattle are responsible for over 83 metric tons of CO2 annually.

Nutr is making the case that nut milks are a solution to help us live more sustainable, healthier lives.

Our eco-friendly promise

While simply choosing plant-based milks and making it yourself at home with Nutr are both more sustainable decisions – that’s simply not enough. Nutr is making efforts in manufacturing and packaging, to ensure our decision-making is also guided by principles to help mitigate climate change. The Nutr Machine’s packaging, paper and ink is all recyclable. We are always seeking to be better and find more eco-conscious solutions as we evolve.